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fulcrum n : the pivot about which a lever turns [also: fulcra (pl)]

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From fulcrum, from fulcio.


  • /ˈfʌlkrəm/


  1. The pivot about which a lever turns.
    It is possible to flick food across the table using your fork as a lever and your finger as a fulcrum.
  2. NATO code name for the Soviet MiG-29 aircraft.


the pivot about which a lever turns



  1. bedpost
  2. foot (of a couch)
  3. A couch


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Fulcrum may refer to one of the following.
  • A fulcrum is the support or point of support (pivot) on which a lever turns in raising or moving something around.
  • Fulcrum Wheels, a bicycle wheel manufacturer, based in Italy (owned by Campagnolo), which manufactures wheels for Campy, Shimano, and SRAM drivetrains
  • fulcrum (drumming), part of a percussionist's grip.
  • MiG-29 Fulcrum, a Soviet fighter aircraft.
  • Fulcrum (Anglican Think Tank), A Church of England think tank representing the Evangelical Centre of the CofE.
  • Fulcrum (newspaper), a student newspaper at the University of Ottawa.
  • Fulcrum (annual), a United States literary periodical, an annual of poetry and aesthetics.
  • Fulcrum Technologies was a Canadian fulltext search engine vendor who was acquired by PC Docs, who was then acquired by Hummingbird, who is now part of Open Text Corporation.
  • There are many other companies that use Fulcrum in their name, including another Fulcrum Technologies which has no relation to the search engine company.
  • Fulcrum is the name of the enemy spy organization on the television show Chuck.

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